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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. breaking news tonight at 11:00. the fbi, police and the coast guard are at the belle haven marina in alexandria, and we're told an armed man is there on a boat. ken molestina is there as well. ken, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, derek, this is something that's been going on for the better part of four hours, now. as you mentioned, there is a man
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on the sail boat. he's anchored off of the docks. he's refused to surrender. he fired up to four shots possibly at a nearby helicopter that was hovering over the area. let's go ahead and show you some video what it looked like earlier today. again, a big police scene out here. we understand officers from fairfax, police department responded as well as dc police, the coast guard and even the fbi. the witnesses say this man fired, once again, at a helicopter. there was a helicopter in the area. witnesses do say that they saw that. then they heard the gunshots soon after the police came and the man then returned back to the sail boat that was anchored off of the docks. the man we don't know exactly who he is. police aren't saying a whole lot. but take a listen to what one of the fisherman here at the marina had to say about this. take a listen. >> an innocent guy that lives on a sail boat that's parked just outside the boat ramp. and we all know him [ bleep ] . and apparently [ bleep ] he decided that the helicopter flying over his head over his boat was a little bit too close
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and decided to take a few shots. >> reporter: yes want to let you know we did bleep out the man's name. we have not gotten that confirmed from police. but police have been out here for hours. we want to give you an idea of where we are. this is just south of old town alexandria and the wilson bridge across the river. on the other side you'll have the national harbor. so the man is somewhere in the water in between this space. we don't know how deep into the water he is. but, again, he's aboard a sail boat right now. it's believed he is still armed. police are trying to make contact to him. trying to convince him to surrender but at this hour he has not. we understand a negotiator is on scene and police have brought in some type of bull horn to try to talk to the man and communicate. you can imagine how hard it is to try to talk to this man or get to him because of the position he's at. of course we're going to keep a close eye on this. police still here on the scene. they're probably going to be here for a long time until this matter is resolved. we'll let you know what happens. back to you all. >> all right, ken.
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what a bizarre series of events. a man tried to kidnap a boy waiting in line at mcdonald's, and he did it while claiming to be a cop. it all went down in downtown silver spring. police say the man walked in and grabbed a 13-year-old at the counter. he said he was a police officer, told the boy he was under arrest and then tried to drag the child outside. fortunately a security guard walked over and the man ran away. a man is also apparently going around spring field groping unsuspected women and teens. there are at least three victims thus far. the most recent attack was yesterday morning. a 16-year-old said she was fondled on iving street. in all -- irving street. the man touches them and runs away. he's described as 5'8" and each time he's wearing a red baseball cap. tonight at 11:00, we have brand mu pictures of a mare -- new pictures of a maryland man in jail of cuba. he says he's feeling okay
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despite the fact that he's down to 146 pounds. gross was convicted last year of spying for the u.s. in cuba. cuba has indicated they would like to swap gross for five cuban intelligence agents sentenced to terms in this country. there has been delay after delay after delay, but tonight the district says it is once again employing breathizers to test drunk en drivers. the tests had been suspended after the machines wer giving false readings. >> the blowers claimed they were punished for the results and some lost their jobs after the false reading sent them to jail. we had gary nurenberg walk a straight line to the studio for our update on this one. gary. >> reporter: derek and anita, some defendants jailed because of the false results sued the city and city cops have essentially been handcuffed in their efforts to enforce dwi laws for the last year and a half because they have been ordered not to use the machine.
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>> we start today, yes. we start today. >> reporter: they stopped a year and a half ago. stopped using the breathalyzers found to be incorrectly calibrated inflating readings by 20%. >> people were going to jail on faulty scores. >> reporter: and you were ordered not to talk about that? >> i was told i should not discuss that at all on the stand. >> reporter: he's one of three officers who sued the city claiming they face retribution for telling the truth about the machine. more than two dozen defendants sued too. >> some clients actually lost jobs as a result of this. and some had security clearances. some had as a result of the time off they had to take from work because of the jail they lost their job. >> reporter: cost the city more than 1 hundrd $130,000 in legal payouts. >> it was avoidable. >> reporter: it certainly was avoidable. >> and a lot of things could have been done differently that could have insured that the calibration was done correctly, the accuracy testing was done correctly. >> reporter: police say they've made the right changes.
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>> to ensure they were not just the regular safeguards but additional safeguards put in so we have a defensible program. >> reporter: we wanted to show you the police tonight out using the new equipment, but they wouldn't tell us where they were going to be. didn't want us to shoot it and apparently didn't want you to see it. >> thank you, gary. a director of a local zoo charged with animal cruelty. and late today a quick trial ends with a guilty verdict. meghan mogenson who ran the reston zoo in fairfax convicted of putting down a sick wallaby by drowning the animal. we spoke with the former zoo curator who blew the whistle on the whole thing. >> no need to be changes. there needs to be a vet tech on staff. >> i'm hoping good comes out of this. >> i don't want anything bad for the zoo. there's so many animals i love and people that work there that do really love what they do. >> the judge sentenced mogenson to 30 days. she's appealing the case. with less than six weeks tog before election day, both
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president obama and mitt romney are working to raise some campaign cash. for the first time in two months, romney took his campaign to pennsylvania. polls have given obama a comfortable lead. >> he wants to raise the income tax. i don't want to raise taxes on the american people. not when our economy is in the kind of trouble it's in. i will not raise taxes on middle income americans. >> the president stayed close to the twhiet -- white house with three fundraisers. some have already cast their ballots. most campaign watchers say early voters favor the president because of his grass root education. both candidates will use the weekend to get ready for next wednesday's debate in colorado. we are learning some new details about a deadly shooting at a minneapolis business. this evening another person
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died. that brings the death toll to six, including the gunman. the 36-year-old shooter was fired from the company early in the morning, he came back in the afternoon, killed the owner along with others before taking his own life. two people are still in the hospital. police say they found 10,000 rounds of ammo at the shooter's house. well, it is probably not even possible to imagine the grief felt by a father up in connecticut. he shoots to death an armed prowler wearing the ski mating, but that -- mask, but that prowler turns out to be his own teenage son. the father gets a phone call from his sister next door about the prowler. the father grabs his gun, fires the shot when it appears the prowler is coming after him. only after the shooting did he lift the ski mask to see it was his only 15-year-old boy lying dead. as of right now, police have filed no charges. still ahead, a warning for anyone looking for work. this woman was offered a job only to find out it wasn't a
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real deal. and it cost her. and a group of teenage girls attack a mentally challenged woman. some disturbing video and 9news is back. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperatures today 81. it's the third day in a row we've been in the 80s. here is your wakeup weather. cooler air moves in overnight. upper 50s to mid 60s at 8:00. and 60 to near 70 by 10:00. we'll come back. we tweaked the forecast a little bit. some will like it, some won't. we'll explain. we also want to tell you about face the facts usa. a new project based at the george washington university and 9news is partnering with them. totally independent and non-partisan. face the facts usa promises facts about american is debunking myths. make smart choices at citizens. tonight's subject congressional spending. if you want more information, head to our website and click on the link for face
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the facts usa. we'll be right back.
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a disturbing crime from philadelphia. a group of teenage girls beating a mentally challenged woman and posting that video on facebook. tonight all six of them are behind bars. in the video you can hear the girls laughing and celebrating
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as they took turns punching, kicking and throwing a chair at the 48-year-old woman who was just sitting on her front step. the beating continues inside her apartment. at one point, the victim screams get off me. the woman never went to the police. her neighbors saw the video and called them. the woman was not seriously injured. crews searching for jimmy hoffa's body did not find any signs of human remains. a tip led police to this home outside detroit. a man said he found someone buried there around the same time jimmy hoffa disappeared. an initial scan showed something under the concrete. police drilled while analyzing to see this if they show human remains. they hold on desperately for hope, but the wait to get back to work is luring some to do anything to get a paycheck. if you're looking for work, you
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need to be careful. >> good girl. >> reporter: cynthia kooker loves her computr and her animals. but she is spending more time with her husband than working. >> you start to widen your search. i'll look in this field, i'll look in this field. >> reporter: after two years of looking, this computer programmer thought she finally had a job nibble when a seemingly legit company reached out to her after seeing her resume online. the offer came from someone who claimed to work for ovex technology international based in pakistan. we reached out to the company and in a phone call from pakistan the ceo tells us they don't do this kind of work and they don't hire american workers. in a follow-up e-mail, he works out that the website referenced in the offer to cynthia is not the company's real website which you see here. >> i thought it was a legitimate job offer. >> reporter: the so-called
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offer would allow her to work from home. all she had to do was past some test. >> you saw the financial statements and you had to answer questions. they were really checking the answers. which i thought, okay, this is a real job. >> reporter: but when we checked the correspondence from our person that claimed to work for them, we found all kinds of red flags that might suggest otherwise. and so did ed johnson with the better business bureau. >> an organized company, you think if they do have a job search going on, that someone has done spell check. >> reporter: she eventually gets the job but she never meets with anyone in person. >> at some point along the way if you're going to get a job offer and you're going to accept it, you're going to be sitting across a desk face-to-face. >> reporter: the exchange between cynthia and chris delgato plays out over weeks with more e-mails, more questions and more ways delgato
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tries to reassure her the offer is legit. ed johnson says don't fall for this tactic. >> they're trying to build this confidence. and one way of doing that is by engaging you, getting you involved, asking you questions. >> reporter: and run. don't walk away from this red flag. >> they fedex a check for $2,900. i was to deposit that check in one of my accounts. >> reporter:or her time and effort, cynthia would get to keep $300. the rest was to be sent to the investor for a laptop, printer and special software, equipment cynthia already had. >> turn that over and endorse it. >> one of the reasons it works is because the check looks legitimate. >> reporter: it may look real, but as cynthia found out when she tried to deposit one of the checks, the check did not clear. >> i'm convinced they've got a lot of people sending money to
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us thinking that they're really going to get a job. >> reporter: cynthia passed on this offer, but she did find a part-time job. ovek ceo says delgato does not work for him and he does not hire people in the united states. the bbb tells us this kind of thing happens all of the time. recent phishing use the irs and homeland security. so if you're still job hunting, look out for the red flags. lesli foster, 9news now. >> such good information. >> wow. >> can you imagine how many desperate people out there would love to be working from home and making money. >> you want to believe it. >> you want to believe it. >> good job, lesli. all right. we have a pretty good weekend. not as perfect as last weekend. i set the bar high last weekend. >> that was great. >> you can do your outdoor stuff. keep your tee time. let's start with the michael and son weather cam. it is cloudy outside. there is still showers out to the south but they're moving
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out. high temperature 81 today. dew point is 50. dew points are falling. dryer air is moving in. the cold front we've been talking about i guess all week feels like weeks is now finally through us. winds out of the north, northwest at 9. and the pressure beginning to rise now 30.01 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined, here is the front. it's technically stationary but it will keep drifting off to the south. so it's going to get through virginia and back through north carolina and then back into the deep south. so we're in pretty good shape tomorrow. there will be a second disturbance that will give us a chance for showers. but primarily sunday afternoon. the bulk of sunday is going to be fine as well. you can see all of the rain we had earlier. most of it to the south. some of it was heavy in southern maryland. we can see a little bit of sprinkle activity you got up to the north. but for the most part, all of the high school football games were dry. north of town they were a little wet. south of town. we still had light activity. notice all of the green and oranges are across the bay. we still have some light
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showers. down through waldorf and down through la plata, they will be ending in the next couple of hours. so weekend okay. not chamber of commerce. but certainly okay. saturday better than sunday. no doubt about that. a little more sunshine on saturday. cooler but average. we've been sort of spoiled with the 80s wednesday, thursday, friday. we're going to go back in the low to mid 70s which is pretty much average for this time of year. and then sunday a little unsettled but primarily only in the afternoon and evening hours. so the bulk of sunday will also be okay. tonight then showers and storms ending. partial clearing. cooler. lows 54-62. winds out of the north at 5-10. a little patchy fog possible south of town where we had the showers as well. thus returning partly sunny tomorrow morning. cool. you'll need your sunglasses eventually. temps in the 50s and 60s. winds out of the north at 10. and then by afternoon, partly sunny, cooler. lower temps a little bit. back in the low 70s. nothing dramatic with winds out of the northeast at about 10. still a pretty nice day. next three days, we're going to keep it code green.
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partly cloudy tomorrow. cooler. 71. some showers on sunday. mainly in the afternoon. 74. we're pushing showers a little later on monday. also temperatures in the mid 70s. next seven days, some of the showers may bleed into tuesday. we'll keep track of it over the weekend. it's going to warm up too. we're back in the mid 80s on tuesday. 80 on wednesday. and back to fall on friday. >> are those thunderstorms? >> on wednesday, yes. you are correct. >> hum. >> thanks for noticing. >> you will be correct. the magic number now 45. [ laughing ] >> especially the way they played tonight. it was rough out there. rough night for the ws. they get all twisted up in st. louis. i'm sorry, mr. jackson, your fast ball wasn't for real. it got lit up tonight in st. louis. there is some good news for the magic number watchers. and best high school football
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highlights anywhere any time. i guarantee it. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty
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than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> six games to go. the nats working their way towards the finish line. so are the braves.
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time running out on the latter. time squirrelly on the side of nationals. they're hoping st. louis is the place where they can pop some champagne. the splits right there say the bases are loaded. 9 cards came to the plate in the first inning. 5-1 after one. let's get this baseball. it's no longer with us. the nats lose 12-2. but so do the braves, so the magic number is now two. washington could clinch in st. louis tomorrow. that would be cool. the orioles three up on tampa for the final wild card spot. bases loaded. bottom first. light hitting ryan flaherty. light hitting until tonight. don't you just love it when they call you big popup. grand slam puts 6 on in the first. and the other story was chris
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tillman. baffled. threw a one hitter. baltimore their magic number now three after they win tonight 9-1. some bad news today for the wizards. john wall will miss the start of the season. stress injury to the patella. wall had been experiencing discomfort in the left knee. and mri in new york yesterday revealed the injury. the good news is surgery not necessary. he's expected to miss about 8 weeks. all right. coming up high school football game of the week. it was the top vote getter in our poll and it didn't disappoint. stonewall jackson and battlefield. all of that coming up next.
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it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> god, i love that music. what's up, everybody. stonewall jackson, confederate general known for his ground attacks. stonewall jackson high school known for their ground attacks. four games in and they've been at or near 200 yards rushing every time out. but in combat will field tonight. they know -- in come battlefield tonight. they know how to play. here comes battlefield. stonewall's desmond hopkins wearing number 24 kind of looking like revis right there. not just a pick but the return too. bob, weave, do your thing.
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nice return for stonewall jackson. later this time nick newman. nick at night number 9 for 6. he takes it deep. 80 points between these two teams tonight. to the 4th quarter we go. down the stretch. 10 seconds to go. greg strollman finds hopkins. that man again in the corner. the raiders remaining undefeated in a good one 42-38. >> we knew that we had the ability to get this many. we were hoping they wouldn't score this many. but it was a great game. it's a great football team. >> all right. madison at langley. this guy right here is phillip mon. mon, money. you can't tackle this guy. i sound like littlejohn. what? he had over 200 yards rushing.
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later on james madison by the powers vested in him, i pronounce you gone. the pretty scramble. madison would stick that one in and they prevail on a close one 24-21. this was a good one. clint orchard taking on seneca valley. this is tyrone williams. stood up by gangrene. this game was scoreless into the second half. look at the inverse single wing. wow. first down. later down the stretch, the check down game. ray garza to siad. siad. weaving in for the score. seneca valley wins it 12-9. that clinches the first regular season loss since november. get gin win, ladies. -- genuine, ladies. check out this play. i don't know what's better, the scramble or the toe tap in the
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corner. the jags with the score. moving on to dc. tigers driving but watch. step in front of prince and take it all the way back. now, the referees called him out of bounds. what do we have there? replacement refs? . [ laughing ] >> woodson wins it 32-8. that's going to do it. take is us out of here, it's the seneca valley band. good night, everybody. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families.
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the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪
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